End of Term Activities

14th December 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
We are looking forward to the end of term Christmas festivities. 
Year 8 Christmas Cakes Afternoon - 14th December
 This afternoon (Thursday, 14th December) we have the Year 8 Christmas Cakes Coffee Afternoon starting at 2:30pm.
Christmas Dinner Day - 15th December
Tomorrow we have our annual Christmas Dinner Day.  Those attending the meal will have received a time slot for their dinner with the receipt of payment.  We are serving: 
* Year 5 Christmas Dinners at 11pm
* Year 6 Christmas Dinners at 11:30pm
* Year 7 Christmas Dinners at 12pm
* Year 8 Christmas Dinners at 12:30pm
If you are eating as a family then you may have one of the above time slots for all family members enjoying the meal.
Those attending Christmas Dinner Day have permission to waer a Christmas Jumper (it is "Christmas Jumper Day") however this is not obligatory.  Please remember we are serving over 300 meals on Friday so please be prompt in arriving at school at your allotted time.
School Christmas Play - 19th & 20th December
We have our school play "Olivia" on Tuesday 19th December and Wednesday 20th December.  This starts at 7pm.  There are still tickets available, please contact the school if you wish to attend.  There are no charge for admission.  However we do ask for donations and there is a raffle and there is a reverse bingo competition in the interval.
School Christmas Church Service - 21st December
Our School Christmas Church Service is taking place at All Saints Church on Thursday, December 21st starting at 1:45pm.  Parents and Carers are very welcome to attend.  Children will be dismissed from school at the normal time following the servce.
The term will finish on Friday, December 22nd at 3:30pm.
Take care,
Liam Murtagh - Headteacher