Message from the Headteacher 10 March 2017

1st March 2017


It has been a very busy week at Dr Thomlinson Church of England Middle School.

Today Cuthbert house celebrated their patron saint with a St Cuthbert Day service at All Saints Church, Rothbury.  The service was written and designed by the Cuthbert House Captains and Roan and Danny did a very good job.  The service was beautifully observed and I was really pleased that we were joined once again by Mrs Brindley on piano.

Today saw the announcement of the prize winners in our Community information Screen competition.  There was a competition to devise a name for the service which will see Community Screens placed in public places in the Coquet Valley which will then carry important information about local events.  Prizes went to the three best logos for the service as well as a prize for the student who devised the best name for the service.  Well done to Matthew in Year 7 who won a £10 amazon voucher for the name “CoNet” – the judges felt that this abbreviation could either stand for Community Network or Coquetdale Network.  In time there will be a website called which will have some of the information that is on the screens.

The logo competition was won by Euan in Year 8.  The logo showed display screens connected together and they were cleverly linked by a river and a road – all of which was cleverly linked together with a road and a bridge to form a CC logo.  We are going to work with Euan so his original design is adjusted to represent the C and the N of the winning “CoNet” name.

Second prize in the competition was won by Catalina in Year 5 and third prize was won by Emma in Year 6.

Yesterday evening saw our first sporting fixtures of the New Year.  Our football teams won 3-0 (well done our Year 5 & 6 team) and lost 3-5 (unlucky our Year 7 & 8 team).  Well done to Bailey, Leo, Murray, Nathan, Danny and Adam who were our goal scorers.

However the real news yesterday was the performance of our netball teams.  Coached by Mr Heath one of our teams lost narrowly 5-6 whilst the other netball team won 8-2!  We haven’t had much luck with netball in all the years I have been Head teacher so I was delighted with our performance in both matches.  Well done to Stevie; Emily; Lucy and Jessica (who scored six goals!) for their goal scoring efforts – they all win Head teacher awards.

Well done to all our pupils who took part in an International Wrestling competition during the weekend.  Three of the competitors won awards well done to Max and Thomas in Year 7 and especially William who won his weight category.  At first I thought he won a Garvin SAT-NAV (an interesting and useful wrestling prize I thought) however the box had been merely used to protect an impressive trophy which William held aloft in front of his school.

Another impressive trophy that was held aloft at Celebration Worship today was the Northumberland Sports Personality of the Year Award which was won by Amy in Year 6.  Well done to Amy on an impressive achievement.

Thank you to all of the Year 7s who visited the Newcastle Gurdwara.  Our host, Cloud Singh, was very impressed with their attitude and behaviour.  All who went got a lot out of the trip and they really enjoyed the lovely food provided.

On Tuesday I received a lovely letter from Ros Maudslay, the Secretary of the Upper Coquetdale World Day of Prayer Committee.  She remarked:

“The Upper Coquetdale World Day of Prayer Committee would like me to say how much we enjoyed having the school choir and the group of very talented musicians with us at the annual World Day of Prayer service last Friday.  They have become an indispensable part of the proceedings and the service would not be the same without them. “  What lovely words and well done to all of those students involved.


TOP Awards Week ending 3.3.17 – given for our core value of Friendship

5T – Skye

5H Luke

60 Hannah

6M Laila

7L Amelie

7I Tom

8N Max

8S Brianna


TOP Awards Week ending 10.3.17 – given for our core value of Service

5T Joe

5H Chloe

6O Dan

6M Cate

7L Luke

7I Tabitha

8N Max

8S Chloe / Euan


Well done to Ben and Dylan in Year 5 who won Mathemagicain of the Week awards


Well done to all our award winners!


Have a lovely weekend.

Take care,