Message from the Headteacher 24 March 2017

24th March 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been another great week at Dr Thomlinson Church of England Middle School.  I have lot to talk about but first I would like to draw your attention to a spectacular musical event happening at Dr Thomlinson Middle School  next Friday, 31st March, 2017 at 7pm.


Musical Ensemble Evening – 7pm; Friday 31st March @ Dr Thomlinson Middle School

Come and see the KEVI steel pan band & KEVI Community Jazz Band perform at Dr Thomlinson Middle School.  The evening starts at 7pm and tickets are £3 for adults and £2 for children.  This is a fantastic opportunity to see some very impressive musicians perform in our very own school.  I am looking forward to it and I am sure you as well. Contact our school to purchase tickets.


Our week started off with a very well supported Danceathon in our school hall.  I took part wearing some very fetching day-glo leg warmers and I even recognised some of the tunes we were dancing to (namely songs by those popular and very current artists Black Lace; The Village People and Whigfield). 


Tuesday saw our Year 8 students compete in a Handball tournament at Ponteland Middle School.  I had the privilege of seeing them perform and I was very impressed at their competitive spirit in what were almost artic temperatures. Well done to Lucas; Stevie; Jenifer; Chloe; Samuel; Brianna; Megan; Grace; Reuben; Megan; Grace; Reuben; Max; Emily; Fraser; Greg for taking part.


The artic weather unfortunately led to a postponement of our Year 7 Moorland trip to Falstone Moss but the Northumberland School Games event at Morpeth Leisure centre still took place and thanks to Max , Danielle, Lucy, Megan Hodgson, Reuben, Max, Amelia, Duncan, Ethan, Adam, Maddie, Carl ,Stevie, Lily, Jennifer, Euan, Brianna, Charlie, Fraser, Megan for helping to lead this First School Tri-Golf festival.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw two very well attended Come Dine with Me Year 5 reading events.  Thanks to all the parents who took.

Thursday saw two very closely contested football mates between Dr Thomlinson’s and James Calvert Spence.  Our KS2 team lost 3-1 – thanks to Thomas; James; Nolan; Arron; Leo; Elliot; Isaac; Ben; Murray; Ben; Lewis; George and Bailey for their efforts.  Unfortunately our KS3 team lost as well – losing 4-2 – thanks to Roan; Max; Adam; Danny; Thomas; Nathan; Ethan; Greg; Reuben; Euan; William; and Charlie for their equally valiant efforts.

Today saw the school continue their RED Nose Day celebrations.  Our form reps organised fundraising activities for each of their form classes.


 5H ran a Guess how many Staples in the Tardis. 10,001 was correctly guessed by Isaac.


5T – Ran a 'Find the egg in the Sawdust'. Winners were Luke, Daisy and Fraser.


60- Ran a 'Find the treasure on the maps.' James, Adam, Ben, Frankie, Eleanor and Finley all guessed correctly.


6M ran a Just Dance Competition. Laila came 3rd, Hannah came 2nd and Olivia won the competition - she danced most of her lunchtime!


7L ran a Dizzy Penalties Competition. Bailey, Max and Matthew won with only a goal difference between them!


7I ran a very messy stall and lots of winners came away with flour covered faces and pockets full of sweets.


8S organised an obstacle course. It was tough competition but Martha, Elliot and Danny all finished in the quickest of times.


8N ran a Guess the name of the Red Nose competition. Elle correctly guessed Noah and went away with a giant red nose! 


Through all the fundraising, including Monday’s Danceathon, our school has raised a very impressive £936.40 for Comic Relief.  Thank you to all those who have contributed so much!


TOP Award Winners for the week beginning 20.3.17

The awards were awarded for those who best typified our school core value of the week of Friendship

5T – Emma

5H – Ben

6O – Jessica

6M – Jamie

7L – Lily

7I – Finley

8N – Danielle

8S – Jen


Well done to Isaac in Year who was our Mathemagician of the week.


Well done to all of our award winners.


Another really busy week.  Well done to everybody for making such a positive contribution to our school community.


Take care,



PS.  Don’t forget about the exciting Music evening next Friday.  There are some tickets still available